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Over 20 years experience in immigrating clients from all over the world.

Channels Law Offices,  3255 Wilshire Blvd. #1010,  Los Angeles, CA. 90010
Tel:  (213) 386-4763  Monday through Thursday, 10 to 4
Pacific standard time

  Immigration Lawyers ready to solve your immigration problems !  

       Our specialty is Labor Certification, a process of getting your "green card" by being sponsored by your current or future employer.



Tel: (213) 386-4763
Mon. thru. Thurs.
10 to 4p.m.  PST

mmigrate to the usa

Visitors to USA

*Green Card*
Labor Certification

How to immigrate

   You need an employer
to sponsor you.  You do
not have to be currently working for the employer.

How to get a Green Card
through your job 

     specializing in PERM

We specialize in Employment immigration.

We talk to your employer about helping you immigrate and  make the process as simple as possible for the employer and for you.

Channels Law Offices
Established since l982
3255 Wilshire Blvd.  Suite 1010
Los Angeles, California  90010

Tel: (213)-386-4763 Monday through Thursday  10 to 4, PST


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